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Pos4Health Study: Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Here is how we will ensure your privacy is protected:

  1. The information you submit is stored on a secured health system server. Our servers meet HIPAA Privacy Rule protections (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  2. Our servers are maintained by the UVA Information and Technology Communication staff. This group makes sure we are using the latest security software at all times.
  3. We strictly limit who can access the study data. Only a few researchers directly involved with our programs are included. All individuals have completed our Institutional Review Board (IRB) trainings on protecting your rights.
  4. All studies including our Internet interventions have been reviewed and approved by the University of Virginia IRB. This is required by federal regulations regarding human research studies. The primary role of the IRB is to protect the safety and welfare of human participants.
  5. We have a Certificate of Confidentiality from the federal government that provides additional protections for you. The Certificate helps us to refuse to share your study records without your consent.

You will find more information about privacy protections in the study Study Consent Form.

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