New resources to live well with HIV

Pos4Health Program: What Pos4Health Is

Pos4Health is designed to help you overcome common challenges by providing the intervention over the Internet. It begins with an Overview, which introduces the Peers and reviews general information on the program. The first challenge is discussed - getting enough Social Support. There are five more units, or Cores. Each Core focuses on specific challenges to taking ART and strategies and tips for living well with HIV.

Each of these Cores takes about 60 minutes to complete. After completing a Core, you will spend a week practicing what you have learned before a new Core is available. You will progress through the cores in order without skipping around. During the program, you will be asked to keep daily diaries. This will help you evaluate your current habits and develop new habits and skills.

Pos4Health takes time and effort. It is designed for people living with HIV who want to make healthy changes. Habits do not develop overnight. It takes time to overcome them. With the help of Pos4Health, you can make some changes that can keep you on track to live longer and healthier with HIV.